Perak tables RM1.35b budget for 2024

IPOH – Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad today tabled the state budget for next year amounting to RM1.35 billion.

With the theme “Perak Makmur, Rakyat Sejahtera”, the budget comprises an operating expenditure allocation of RM856 million and a development expenditure allocation of RM491 million.

Saarani said the budget underlined five focus areas, namely People’s Wellbeing, Governance of State-Owned Projects, Environmental Sustainability, Food Security, Human Capital and Youth Development.

“The budget is based on the projected revenue and development receipts of RM1.28 billion, comprising tax revenue (RM657.7 million), non-tax revenue (RM392.2 million), non-revenue receipts (RM192.6 million) and development receipts (RM37 million).

“Total revenue consisting of tax revenue, non-tax revenue and non-revenue receipts amounting to RM1.24 billion, which is an increase of RM108.9 million (9.6 per cent) from the 2023 target,” he said when tabling the budget at the State Assembly sitting here today.

Saarani, who is also Kota Tampan assemblyman said that the estimated development receipts of RM37 million for 2024 were an increase of RM11.6 million or 45.7 per cent from the RM25.4 million in 2023.

He said under the People’s Well-Being focus area, the state government has allocated RM384.1 million to implement various programmes and initiatives aimed at developing people’s potential and capacity to face life’s challenges.

“In light of the economic uncertainty and the financial burden caused by the increasing cost of living, the existing monthly RM300 cash aid, which has benefited 6,600 recipients as of October this year, will be increased to RM400 beginning January 2024.

“We will also continue to implement the Kad Perak Sejahtera initiative involving an allocation of RM24 million, with the rate of this food assistance increasing from RM90 in 2023 to RM100 next year,” he said.

As for the Governance of State-Owned Projects focus area, the Menteri Besar said that RM393.4 million has been allocated to implement high-impact projects in an effort to provide more job opportunities to the people in addition to supporting initiatives to prosper the domestic economy.

Saarani said RM202.4 million has been allocated to implement initiatives at school, university and community levels under the Development of Human Capital and Youth focus area.

He added that RM66.3 million has been set aside to implement the development agenda under the Environmental Sustainability focus area.

“It includes RM41.3 million to the Perak State Forestry Department, RM1.4 million to implement various Sustainable Perak and Green Technology programmes, and RM490,000 for other initiatives, including the “No Plastic Bag” campaign,” he said.

Meanwhile, Saarani said that under the Food Security focus area, RM63.3 million has been allocated to various departments and agencies in the state to ensure Perak continues to have sufficient and safe food supply.

“Of the amount, the state government has earmarked RM18.3 million for various programmes, including the padi cultivation project that will be carried out by the State Agriculture Department.

“In addition, RM25.3 million and RM8 million have been set aside for the State Agriculture Department’s operating and development expenditures, respectively: RM6 million to fund the agricultural commodity development programme, RM1.3 million for infrastructure construction, and RM700,000 to provide training and carry out promotions.

“Assistance will also be given to food entrepreneurs through programmes that can help them increase their production,” he said.

As for the livestock sector, Saarani said the state government has allocated RM19.6 million for operating expenditure and RM4 million for development expenditure of the State Veterinary Services Department.

He said that the state government has also set aside RM2.4 million to upgrade fisheries infrastructure and livestock farms, as well as for mangrove forest conservation efforts. – BERNAMA