Israel destroys over 60% of houses in Gaza Strip

GAZA CITY – The Israeli army has destroyed more than 60 per cent of the homes and residential units in the Gaza Strip, the government media office in Gaza said Thursday.

“Our people are facing a genuine and worsening humanitarian catastrophe due to the Israeli occupation army’s destruction of over 60 per cent of the homes and residential units in the Gaza Strip, especially in the Gaza and North Gaza governorates,” Anadolu Agency quoted the media office as saying.

“The residential units housed more than 50,000 families who lost their homes entirely, in addition to 250,000 housing units partially destroyed by the occupation,” it added.

Regarding the state of the health sector in Gaza, the media office said it is still experiencing a severe collapse.

More than 26 hospitals and 55 health centres have ceased operations due to being targeted, bombed, occupied or destroyed.

The office pointed out that “thousands of martyrs’ bodies are still under the rubble and civil defence teams have been unable to retrieve them due to the occupation’s targeting of equipment and machinery and the lack of fuel for the remaining worn-out equipment.”

It emphasised that Gaza needs 1,000 trucks daily to transport necessary and effective aid, along with one million litres of fuel daily to initiate the recovery phase.

It held Israel and the international community fully responsible for the crimes committed by the Israeli army during the war on the Gaza Strip.

The media office also appealed to the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to devise an urgent rescue plan to find rapid humanitarian solutions for accommodating more than a quarter of a million families who have lost their homes or whose homes have been affected.

It also urged Arab and Islamic countries, as well as the international community, to deploy fully-equipped field hospitals with medical devices to aid tens of thousands of wounded and sick individuals who have suffered greatly during the war. – BERNAMA-ANADOLU / pic AFP