About 40,000 chickens to be culled in Japan over bird flu outbreak – Agriculture Ministry

TOKYO – About 40,000 chickens will be culled in Japan’s Saga Prefecture due to the outbreak of bird flu, the first one this season, the country’s Agriculture Ministry said on Saturday, reported Sputnik.

“Yesterday, November 24, an increase in bird mortality was recorded on a farm in the city of Kashima, Saga Prefecture. Accordingly, a simplified test for avian influenza was carried out on-site, which turned out to be positive. Today, November 25, a genetic analysis was carried out, which confirmed suspicions of highly pathogenic avian influenza,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that approximately 40,000 hens living at the farm are to be culled.

A meeting of related ministers was scheduled in the afternoon in connection with the first outbreak of bird flu in the country this season, the ministry added.

After avian influenza is detected, the Japanese authorities impose a 3-kilometre(1.9-mile) quarantine zone around the farm, prohibiting the transportation of chickens and eggs within this area, as well as banning taking them outside a 10-kilometre zone.

Last season, 84 cases of bird flu were recorded in Japan, which resulted in the culling of 17.71 million chickens. As a result, the country experienced a shortage of eggs and an increase in their price. – BERNAMA-SPUTNIK / pic TMR FILE