The second shipment of essential goods for Palestinians in Gaza departs today

The second shipment of the main necessities of humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza is scheduled to depart today (Friday) via a special chartered cargo flight.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement said the shipment involved a load of 16 tons of medical essentials and baby goods as well as food managed through Ops Ihsan.

Ops Ihsan is a distinctive collaboration involving various government agencies and over 50 non-governmental organisations, aiming to ensure a more structured and effective implementation of the assistance process under the ministry’s supervision.

“The Ministry would like to express its appreciation to the people of Malaysia who have channeled their contributions to help the Palestinian people through the Palestinian People’s Welfare Trust Account (AAKRP),” the statement said.

Cash donations can be channelled directly by scanning the AAKRP account QR Code. For receipt issuance, the contributor’s details can be filled in via — BERNAMA