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The dawn of a new era for urban mobility

The e-motors to assist the govt in reducing petrol subsidies and achieving ESG goals 


THE introduction of two locally assembled electric motorcycles (e-motors), resulting from the partnership between local ICT provider Artroniq Bhd and Indonesian e-motor brand United E-Motor, is set to transform the urban mobility scene in Malaysia. 

United E-Motor founder Henry Mulyadi said the introduction of the e-motors TX3000 and TX1800 in the Malaysian market marks the beginning of a new era in urban mobility. 

“The successful launch of TX3000 and TX1800 has exceeded our expectations. 

“We are excited to partner Artroniq in bringing our eco-friendly and high-performance e-motors to the discerning Malaysian public,” Henry said during an unveiling ceremony on Oct 30. 

We are excited to showcase our eco-friendly and high-performance e-motor to the discerning Malaysian public, Henry says


Equipped with a 4.2kW (5.6hp) electric motor that also produces 145Nm of torque, the TX3000 comes with three-speed modes with a top speed of 90kph. It is built to easily handle various terrain variations including steep routes, typical city streets and agile manoeuvring in traffic jams. 

Henry highlighted that the TX3000 has two lithium battery slots (60V 28Ah) for optimal rider-ship adventures. 

“In a fully charged condition, TX3000’s batteries can cover a maximum range of 120km and it only takes four hours of charging time for these batteries to go from zero to 80%. 

“In terms of charging, TX3000’s owner can either charge it by directly connecting the switch to a power source with a minimum power of 1,300W or removing the battery and charging it near a power source,” Henry said. 


As for the TX1800, Henry said it is also built to handle various terrain variations easily, with the only differences between both models are the power of its electric motor, top speed and driving range. 

“Featuring a Bosch-sourced 2kW (2.7hp) electric motor with 106Nm of torque, the TX1800 has a much lower maximum speed of 75kph while covering up to 65km per charge. 

“Although TX1800’s battery only offers direct charging, it can be done at a much shorter time period compared to TX3000’s battery. 

“TX1800’s battery only takes around 1.5 hours of charging time to go from zero to 80%,” Henry said. 

Standard Features 

Overall, regardless of the model that becomes the public’s choice, both models come with standard features and accessories such as Bluetooth connectivity that allows them to play music on their built-in speakers, a built-in FM radio, an anti-theft system, parking mode, main power breaker, alarm and power cut-off. 

“Both models also have hydraulic hinged seats, extra-large under-seat storage compartments, digital panel display and the U-Key mobile app. 

“The mobile app has several functionalities including remote ignition, trip history and planner, SOS button and bike locator,” Henry said, adding that a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects is provided for both e-mo- tors. At the same time, the battery comes with a three-year warranty. 

“One year’s free service is also provided as part of the purchase package.” 

Chin says these 2 models will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of urban mobility in Malaysia


As for the pricing and ownership plan of these two models, Artroniq CFO Marcus Chin said it will be announced on Dec 24 after the conclusion of the brand’s test-drive tour.

Chin stresses that they would not be putting too much focus on the sales figure because their main objective is to provide assistance to the government in reducing petrol subsidies and achieving the targeted environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, while helping the public adopt the electric-vehicle (EV) trend.

“I strongly believe the introduction of these two models will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of urban mobility in Malaysia,” he said during the unveiling event. 

In terms of production, Chin said they are planning to produce at least 2,000 units in 2024 for the local market at their assembly plant in Batu Kawan, Penang. 

“Currently, we will not be doing any export at this juncture because any export plan will be done after the completion of our other two assembly plants in Perlis and Johor,” Chin said, adding that both Artroniq and United E-Motor will also be cooperating to market the e-motors to other Asean countries in the region, beginning with Thailand.

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition

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