Gentari and City Energy to explore hydrogen pipeline from Malaysia to Singapore

GENTARI  Sdn Bhd and Singapore’s sole piped town gas provider, City Energy, have signed a joint feasibility study agreement to explore the construction of a hydrogen pipeline from Malaysia to Singapore. 

The initiative, which stems from a previous memorandum of understanding, aims to import hydrogen into Singapore to support its goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. 

The feasibility study will span 12 months, after which the parties will decide on executing a front-end engineering design (FEED) agreement. 

Hydrogen is seen as a crucial component in both Singapore and Malaysia’s energy transition strategies, and this collaboration seeks to develop a low-carbon hydrogen value chain. 

City Energy, a subsidiary of Keppel Infrastructure Trust, is a key player in this endeavour, being one of the largest distributors of hydrogen in Singapore. 

The proposed pipeline will supply hydrogen to City Energy’s Senoko Gasworks plant. The venture builds on the long-standing cooperation between Malaysia and Singapore, including the importation of natural gas from Malaysia to Singapore through the Peninsular Gas Utilisation pipeline, owned by Gentari’s sister company, Petronas Gas Bhd. — TMR