Bernas supports govt’s efforts to ensure sufficient rice supply

FOLLOWING public concern regarding white rice shortage in the market, Padiberas Nasional Berhad (Bernas) has guaranteed that there is sufficient supply.

In managing the supply of imported rice into the country, Bernas has channelled 630,000/TM from January to August 2023, which is 38% higher compared to the average monthly sales over the last five years.

“This means that the supply of white rice is more than sufficient without the government having to use a buffer stock supply.

“However, the demand for local white rice is increasing among consumers, contract suppliers and food industry players due to the price difference between local and imported white rice,” Bernas said in a statement.

Through its role as “Buyer of Last Resort” or the last rice buyer, Bernas’ average local rice market share is only around 10%, while the rest are bought and processed by private factories.

“However, Bernas is always committed and supports all intervention programmes implemented by the Agriculture and Food Security Ministry to guarantee local rice supply. – TMR / pic source: