JPJ collects over RM20m from ‘M__M’ series number plates

KUALA LUMPUR – The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has collected over RM20 million from the bidding of special ‘M__M’ series vehicle registration number plates in conjunction with the 66th National Day celebration.

In a statement today, the department said the M1M registration number received the highest bid at RM622,000, while the second highest was M5M at RM500,000.

“M8M was the third highest at RM450,000, followed by M9M (RM402,004) and M6M (RM350,000) in fourth and fifth places respectively. The M__M Series received an overwhelming response from bidders.

“A total of 25,033 individuals participated in the bidding process. Of the total, 6,872 bidders were successful in their respective bids,” it said.

According to the statement, the five most sought-after registration numbers were M101M with 39 bidders, M155M (33), M51M (32), M313M (31) and M39M (28).

“The bidding of the M__M series, which represents ‘Malaysia Merdeka’, demonstrates the spirit of various parties in enlivening the National Day 2023 celebration,” it added.

The JPJ also congratulated bidders who received the official results on Sept 5 and thanked everyone who participated in the bidding process through the JPJeBid System.

The online bidding process is the department’s effort to provide digital services to all citizens in line with the Public Sector Digitalisation Strategic Plan 2021-2025. – BERNAMA