Selangor DAP Wanita sect, PHD student freed on charge of disorderly conduct in police station

KUALA LUMPUR – The Magistrate’s Court here today acquitted and discharged Selangor DAP Wanita secretary Nalina Nair Rama Krishnan and a doctorate student from a charge of behaving in a disorderly manner in a police station here two years ago.

Magistrate Nadia Othman ordered Nalina Nair, 34, and Sujatra Jayaraj, 39, to be freed after finding that the prosecution had failed to prove a prima facie case against the two accused at the end of the prosecution’s case.

“The court hereby decides that the two accused be acquitted and discharged without calling for their defence,” she said.

The two women were each charged with committing the offence at the lobby of the Dang Wangi police headquarters here at 9 pm on Aug 19, 2021.

The charge, framed under Section 90 of the Police Act 1967 and punishable under Section 94 of the same law, provides a maximum fine of RM500 or imprisonment of up to six months or both, if convicted.

The prosecution was conducted by deputy public prosecutor Nur Hafiezah Mohamed Fauzi, while Nalina Nair and Sujatra were represented by lawyers Farida Mohammad and V. Yoges, respectively.

A total of five prosecution witnesses were called to testify at the trial which started on Dec 5 last year. – BERNAMA / pic credit: Nalina Nair FB