Oct 29 set for case management of suit against Kesedar

KOTA BHARU – The High Court here today set Oct 29 for case management of the suit filed by 291 families of South Kelantan Agropolitan Project (PAKS) participants in Rantau Manis, Gua Musang against the South Kelantan Development Authority (Kesedar).

Judge Datuk Mohamad Abazafree Mohd Abbas fixed the date following a mediation session between 291 participant families as plaintiffs, represented by lawyer Hisham Fauzi and Kesedar as defendant, represented by lawyer Arham Rahimy Hariri.

Earlier on the first day of the mediation process, five representatives of the participants namely former PAKS chairman Roslee Ibrahim; Tuan Hamid Tuan Ab Rahman; Saharudin Mohd Ibrahim; Anuar Amri Shafie @ Mohd Noor; and Ahmad Fauzi Setapa held a discussion in chambers in the presence of lawyers representing both parties.

Hisham said the date was set as the deadline for Kesedar to consider three settlement proposals from the plaintiffs.

“If the proposals are rejected or there is no decision by Kesedar after the set date, the Court will set a hearing date for the case.

“This is to enable Kesedar to decide whether or not to accept the participants’ demands,” he said when met by reporters after the proceedings here today.

Hisham said that among the solutions proposed by the participants in the mediation was for them to be allowed to return to work on the 3.7-hectare oil palm plantation with settler status and receive all the benefits contained in the settler agreement.

“The participants also applied for a gratuity amounting to RM8,400 for one family and requested that Kesedar give ownership of 0.2 hectares of land, which is a house site and cocoa estate to the participants.

“There are a total of 585 participants in the project, however some of them have signed a letter of agreement to hand over their farms back to Kesedar in exchange for the right to a house site and a 0.2-hectare cocoa estate as well as RM8,400 in gratuity,” he said.

On June 21, 2022, the participants filed a lawsuit against Kesedar to seek payment of RM46 million in compensation for terminating the agreement to work on the PAKS plantation on Feb 12, 2022. – Bernama