The Mavic 3 Pro boasts triple camera system

DJI’s latest drone offers a multi-perspective exploration with its main camera and 2 telephoto lenses 


THE principle of the rule of three in creativity states that a group of three elements is often more visually appealing and captivating than a pair of elements. 

This concept holds true in various artistic and design contexts, and its influence extends to the realm of technology. 

For instance, DJI Mavic 3 Pro, a cutting-edge flagship drone that revolutionises aerial content capture with its triple camera system. 

The Mavic 3 Pro sets a new standard for creativity by incorporating three cameras with different focal lengths, including the renowned Hasselblad camera, two tele cameras and exceptional features like a maximum flight time of 43 minutes, 

DJI’s signature Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing and HD Video Transmission spanning a range of 15km. 


This exceptional drone, unmistakably belonging to the esteemed Mavic 3 series, seamlessly blends excellent build quality with a folding design that transcends imagination. 

With its sleek silhouette, you’ll immediately notice its undeniable resemblance to its predecessors. 

However, a closer inspection reveals the secret that sets it apart — an impressive gimbal housing not one, not two, but three awe-in-spiring cameras, with two telephotos majestically perched above the main camera. 

The Mavic 3 Pro embodies the spirit of ingenuity, boasting a design that gracefully folds into a compact form. 

With its dimensions measuring 9.1 x 3.85 x 3.75 inches (231.1 x 98 x 95.4mm) in its folded state, this marvel unveils its true splendour when unleashed into the skies, expanding to a grandeur of 13.68 x 11.44 x 4.24 inches (347.5 x 290.8 x 107.7mm). 

The Mavic 3 Pro also houses a triumvirate of cameras within its mighty gimbal. 

This trio of photographic prowess will transport you to new realms of creativity, where every shot is an opportunity to capture the extraordinary. 

With the main camera at the helm and the two telephotos positioned above, the Mavic 3 Pro empowers you to explore the world from multiple perspectives, unlocking endless possibilities for visual storytelling. 

Yet, the Mavic 3 Pro also offers two smart controller options that seamlessly meld technology with intuitive control. 

The controls are user-friendly and responsive, ensuring a lag-free and immersive flight experience

Flying the Drone 

When it comes to ease of flight, advanced tracking capabilities and comprehensive safety features, the Mavic 3 Pro soars above the competition. 

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced pilot, this remarkable drone offers an unparalleled flying experience. 

The controls are user-friendly and responsive, with the seamless connection between the controller and the drone, ensuring a lag-free and immersive flight experience. 

This impressive responsiveness is consistent with the performance of other Mavic 3 models, making it a reliable companion in the sky. 

The Mavic 3 Pro’s ActiveTrack 5.0 subject-tracking technology allows the drone to flawlessly follow moving objects, keeping them in sharp focus throughout the flight. 

Whether you’re capturing action sports or documenting your outdoor adventures, Active-Track 5.0 ensures your footage is smooth, dynamic and captivating. 

The Mavic 3 Pro prioritises safety in every aspect of its design. Thanks to its omnidirectional collision avoidance system, the drone can detect and avoid obstacles from all directions, granting you peace of mind during flights. 

This invaluable feature safeguards your investment and prevents any unwanted mishaps during your aerial escapades. 

Experience versatility like never before with the Mavic 3 Pro’s three distinct flight modes. The Cine mode is for when you need to take graceful and cinematic footage, where reduced control sensitivity allows for smoother recording. 

Meanwhile, Normal mode to unlock the drone’s full speed potential, delivering highly responsive and agile flight performance. For adrenaline junkies seeking thrills, Sport mode unleashes the Mavic 3 Pro’s maximum speed of up to 47 mph (1.6 Kph), but be cautious as obstacle avoidance is disabled in this mode. 

The Mavic 3 Pro is not only a pleasure to fly but also a powerful performer in the air. With a wind resistance speed of 27mph, it conquers various weather conditions with ease, ensuring stability and reliability during your aerial adventures. 

Regardless of your expertise level, the Mavic 3 Pro is designed to cater to all pilots. Its intuitive controls make it accessible to beginners, while the plethora of advanced flight and safety features satisfies the needs of seasoned drone enthusiasts.

It was also strengthened by precise positioning enabled by GPS, Glonass (global navigation satellite system) and BeiDou satellites, ensuring accurate navigation during your flights. Advanced Return to Home technology scans up to 200m to identify the safest and most efficient route back to the take-off point, providing a seamless and worry-free journey. Stay aware of nearby aircraft with AirSense ADS-B notifications, enhancing your situational awareness and ensuring a harmonious coexistence in the skies. 

Impeccable Image and Video Capabilities

The Mavic 3 Pro is equipped with an extraordinary camera system, featuring the impressive Hasselblad main camera. 

With a 20-megapixel (MP) 4/3 sensor, an adjustable aperture ranging from f/2.8 to f/11, and a remarkable dynamic range of up to 12.8 stops, this camera is a true powerhouse. 

Equipped with a 24mm equivalent lens, it delivers exceptional image quality for both photos and videos, solidifying its position as the go-to choice among the three available cameras. 

The versatility doesn’t end there. The 70mm and 166mm cameras offer their own unique capabilities, supporting Raw and Jpeg photo formats and providing a range of video features. 

While the 166mm camera offers fewer video options, it remains a valuable tool in the hands of creative professionals. 

When it comes to video recording, the main Hasselblad camera truly shines. It possesses the ability to shoot up to 5.1K video in Normal, HLG (hybrid log-gamma high dynamic range), and 10-bit D-Log M profiles at an impressive 200 megabits per second (Mbps) bitrate. 

This exceptional flexibility ensures your videos are rich in detail and exhibit stunning colour grading potential. 

The Mavic 3 Pro doesn’t limit you to a single video option. It offers a range of choices, including three Apple ProRes formats with higher bitrates, perfectly suited for professional workflows. 

Capture your footage at up to 50 frames per second (fps) in 5.1K resolution, or explore the cinematic possibilities with DCI 4K (4096×2160 17:9 cinematic 4K) at speeds of up to 120fps. 

Mavic 3 Pro Cine 

The drone line-up also features the remarkable Mavic 3 Pro Cine. This cutting-edge drone is designed to expand the possibilities of image quality, offering a host of extensive options that will leave you awe-inspired. 

One of the standout features of the Mavic 3 Pro Cine lies in its triple-camera system, which empowers creators to capture stunning visuals from various perspectives. But it doesn’t stop there. 

What sets this drone apart is its remarkable compatibility with Apple ProRes 422 HQ, Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 422 LT encoding. This means that all three cameras support these high-quality encoding formats, allowing you to unleash your creativity without limitations. 

To facilitate a seamless and efficient professional workflow, the Mavic 3 Pro Cine comes equipped with a built-in one-tera-byte (TB) solid-state drive (SSD). 

This generous storage capacity ensures that you never miss a moment, providing ample space to store your precious footage. 

To Buy? 

The Mavic 3 Pro sets the bar high for drone performance and innovation. Its ease of flight, advanced tracking capabilities and comprehensive safety features make it a remarkable choice for any pilot. 

Explore the world from breathtaking heights, capture awe-inspiring footage, and trust in the Mavic 3 Pro to deliver an unforgettable flying experience that will leave you craving more. 

If you find yourself not particularly inclined to utilise the Mavic 3 Pro’s telephoto cameras, fear not, for there is a logical alternative awaiting you — the DJI Mavic 3 Classic. 

This enticing option showcases the remarkable 20MP Four Thirds Hasselblad camera with an adjustable aperture, ensuring exceptional image quality. 

Not only will you save a significant amount of money by opting for the Classic, but you’ll also enjoy a slightly smaller and lighter drone, coupled with a marginally longer flight time. 

For those who are constantly on the move, carrying their photography and videography gear alongside their drone, the weight and size of medium-sized folding drones can still be a hindrance. 

In such scenarios, the ideal solution lies in sub-250g models, and among them, the DJI Mavic 3 Pro reigns supreme. 

Boasting an array of valuable features, this lightweight drone offers an optimal choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals. With its compact design and a weight under 250g, it delivers convenience without compromising on performance. 

Regardless of your preference, both options present an exceptional fusion of innovation, versatility and reliability, ensuring a remarkable flight experience. 

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition