Classic Beetle cars, Volkswagen Kombi vans now collectors’ items

KUALA LUMPUR – The Beetle and Kombi vans by German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, which are once a popular choice, especially in the 60s and the 70s, are now a valuable and priced collection of the owners.

So, It is not surprising that these vehicles are preserved, with some legit modifications made by adding some accessories to improve their image, making them look more classic, hence increasing the value to hundreds of thousands of ringgit.

Zarak M. Zaim, 47, who owns a classic Beetle car, said the Volkswagen Beetle car has become a world icon that it is used in Hollywood movies such as Herbie The Love Bug and Transformers.

He said every classic Volkswagen vehicle, whether a Kombi or a Beetle, has its own attraction depending on the interior decoration and how it looks from the outside, which gives aesthetic value to an old vehicle.

“Fans of classic Volkswagen cars consist of various types. Some like the original version, while there are those who preferred the resto-mod, which is a classic car that has been restored, but modified with modern parts and technology. 

“For those who prefer the original, they are prepared to spend thousands of ringgit to get the genuine spare parts,” he said when met by Bernama at the second edition of the LowLife VW Malaya recently.

Zarak, from Ampang, Selangor, said a Volkswagen car or Kombi, even though it is several decades old, could still ply the streets smoothly because of its low maintenance which made it affordable for the owners to always keep the vehicle in tip-top condition.

Another Beetle car owner, Muhammad Fathullah Azmi, 34, said he would keep the car because of its classic value.

“Driving a classic car, like this Beetle, has its own ‘aura’. It is not the same as driving any other car,” he added.

Meanwhile, Aizat Abd Rahman, 34, who owns a Kombi van, said he spent about RM70,000 to modify and restore the van to make it look attractive, comfortable and suitable for long-distance traveling.

“I bought the second-hand van for RM65,000 and then sent it for some modification and repair, like installing air conditioning, and a sound system, to make it suitable for touring so that my family can travel in comfort.

“My van has become an attraction. Some motorists will honk at us when we pass by and request to take pictures with the van when we stop. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction,” he said, adding that he had driven the van to Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand, without any problems. – Bernama