Facilities, utilities in Kampung Baru need upgrading – PKB CEO

KUALA LUMPUR – Perbadanan Pembangunan Kampong Bharu (PKB) has recommended the government immediately improve utilities and infrastructure in Kampung Baru to facilitate the planning of redeveloping or improving the area.

PKB chief executive officer Datuk Lokman Omar said from three studies conducted by an appointed consultant, it was found that an allocation of RM750 million would be needed to upgrade the infrastructure, which includes road widening, water supply, sewerage system and the construction of the Main Input Substation (PMU) for electricity supply.

“The availability of complete infrastructure is one of the main features that a developer takes into account in redeveloping an area.

“In the context of Kampung Baru, the existing utilities and infrastructure are not well-organised and this has affected the quality of the current township of Kampung Baru as it is no longer able to accommodate high-intensity development.

“So it requires a special allocation from the government…the cost of providing the facilities is huge,” he told Bernama recently.

Lokman said PKB had presented several proposals, but had not received any response from the quarters concerned.

He said the direct involvement of government-linked companies (GLCs) in the development of Kampung Baru was necessary as it would increase the confidence of landowners in the area.

“Redevelopment in Kampung Baru is not on vacant land, but on an occupied site, so the replacement or relocation process needs to be in place and if the project has started, it cannot be delayed because it will create many other problems,”  he added.

 According to the Kampong Bharu Development Master Plan 2040, PKB is set towards making Kampung Baru an inclusive commercial and settlement centre with an emphasis on development that is capable of improving the socio-economics, livability as well as maintaining the value of the local environment in the city centre. – Bernama / pic TMR File