Secure2u on MAE app only way to approve transactions from July 1, 2023 – Maybank

KUALA LUMPUR – Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) announced that all Secure2u authorisations will be moved to its MAE app on July 1, 2023, to ensure enhanced online security features for the bank’s customers.

Starting July 1, Secure2u on the MAE app will be the only way to approve transactions via M2U web, M2U app, MAE app and online transactions for Maybank cards.

In a statement today, the bank said the single point of authorisation through the MAE app, which is tied to one device per account, is an added protective measure as it minimises the possibility of a customer’s online banking details being compromised or used by any third party.

Customers who are already using the MAE app are encouraged to constantly update their app to ensure that they are using the latest version at all times, the bank said.

“Maybank is committed to combat financial scams by accelerating digitalisation and technological modernisation through the frequent upgrading of our infrastructure and constantly fine-tuning the security features of our offerings,” said group chief executive officer of community financial services, Datuk John Chong.

The bank said that there will be a one-time 12-hour activation period for customers enabling Secure2u on the MAE app for the first time or on a different device, during which no transactions requiring Secure2u authorisation can be done.

The move is meant to prevent unauthorised transaction approvals and provide enhanced protection for customers.

“To ensure a more seamless experience in the transition to Secure2u to MAE app, Maybank urges their customers to move to Secure2u as soon as possible,” it said.

In February, Maybank introduced the Kill Switch on the MAE app and Maybank2u website as an additional tool to safeguard customers’ funds from online scams.

The Kill Switch feature allows customers to temporarily deactivate their Maybank2u access and block their credit card usage upon detection of any suspicious transactions, and this feature will soon be added in the MAE app for Maybank debit card users by June 2023. – Bernama