Road tax, driving licence renewals continue uninterrupted via MyEG

KUALA LUMPUR – Vehicle owners can continue renewing road taxes and driving licences as usual through the MY EG Services (MyEG) group’s existing channels, with the users having an added flexibility now to forgo receiving physical copies of their documents.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia today, the company assured users that the provision of road tax and driver licence renewals continues uninterrupted.

“The group remains committed to serving the Malaysian public by providing a secure and convenient online platform for vehicle owners and drivers to renew their road taxes and driving licences respectively,” it said.

More information can be obtained at MyEG’s website ( or by calling its customer service helpline at 03-7801 8888. Users can follow its social media accounts for further updates.

Earlier, trading in MyEG shares and warrants was suspended from 9am to 10am following the announcement. – Bernama / pic TMR File