Shopee influencers strengthen niche for online selling 

by AKMAR ANNUAR / pic source: Shopee

EIGHTY-TWO percent of Malaysian influencers are optimistic about staying resilient and relevant on e-commerce.

Shopee’s recent study, “Past the starting line: Adapting to Malaysia’s digital consumers in 2023” found that the growth of live shopping has seen influencer communities drive e-commerce inclusion for brands and sellers.

According to the study, 60% out of 940 local influencers surveyed last month had been with the platform for less than a year.

Shopee Malaysia head of marketing campaigns Kenneth Soh said these influencers will be a key driving factor in shaping the future of the digital economy.

“Shopee is glad to see them take a step forward to widen their knowledge and skills through Shopee Masterclasses.

“We are committed to helping our influencers cultivate more meaningful and loyal relationships online through our Shopee Affiliate Programme, Shopee Influencer Marketing Programme and Shopee Live,” Soh said in a statement.

Shopee offers various programmes focused on uplifting influencers such as Shopee House, where creators get together bi-monthly to share, connect and get to know each other, and Shopee Masterclass, a virtual programme where creators have knowledge-sharing sessions.

As the influencers have gotten constant feedback from younger shoppers demanding more information to shop smarter, two-third of influencers are focused on strengthening their niche as part of their personality and connecting with value-based shoppers through transparency

To achieve this, influencers engage consumers through Shopee Live with six out of 10 influencers prioritising more personalised video content that revolve around personalised niches and becoming expert at promoting relevant products through reviews, unboxing, tips and tricks, and live demos.

Hence, live-shopping has become the most trusted platform among these audiences for personal advice, two-way feedback and product clarifications with compelling proof.

Influencers can use these insights to showcase the full potential of products and demonstrate their effectiveness in action, while developing their authentic voices and collaborating with other influencers within their niche spaces.

The study reported that six in 10 influencers intend to widen their knowledge on marketing and business strategy as they are motivated to upskill their content to better engage audiences and rise in this digital economy.

The Shopee Masterclass is a space where renowned influencers such as SoImJenn, Safuan and Ceddy have shared with aspiring influencers their experience to upskill their content-creating skills.

It has upskilled over 500 local influencers since its inception in August 2022.

Through this programme, content creators can also learn the skills to improve their earnings via brand sponsorship and the Shopee Affiliates programme.