Atlan unit files police report after Ghana scam alert

ATLAN Holdings Bhd’s unit, Duty Free International Ltd (DFIL), has been alerted of a scam run by an organisation or individuals based in Ghana that are passing themselves off as the company, possibly in Ghana.

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia, attached with a copy of DFIL’s announcement to the Singapore Exchange, Atlan said the scam promotes the transfer of funds to the Ghana organisation and to an investment scheme on a Binance platform.

DFIL has made a police report and will work closely with the authorities on its investigations regarding the scam.

“The company understands that the Ghana organisation has created YouTube channels under the usernames @dfiinternational1174 and @dfitaxfreeinternational9064, DFIL ED Lee Sze Siang said in the statement. 

He added that names and logos which are greatly similar to the company’s name and logo are being used on the profile pages of, and in the videos published by, these YouTube channels without the company’s prior knowledge, authorisation or permission. 

“In particular, several of the videos published claim to be tutorials for users to register, deposit money and purchase VIP membership with ‘DFI Tax Free International’, and to transfer funds to a Binance platform as part of the scam,” he said.

Lee said the company further understands that in connection with the scam, the Ghana organisation has created a website and a “DFI” app that is accessible on Google Play.

He said the company and its subsidiaries are not associated in any way with the Ghana organisation, the scam, the YouTube channels created by the Ghana organisation (and the content published thereunder), the “DFI Tax Free International” name or the “DFI” app.

“The company would like to warn the public not to fall for the scam and not to transfer any money or provide any bank account, credit card, debit card or e-wallet information to anyone in this regard,” he advised.

Lee said it has issued, among other things, a notice to YouTube to seek the removal of the YouTube channels operated by the Ghana organisation.

Lee said DFIL has also made a police report and will work closely with the authorities on its investigations regarding the scam.

As at the date of the announcement, Lee said the scam is not expected to have any material financial effect on the financial performance of the group for the financial year ending Feb 28, 2023.

Lee said DFIL will update shareholders as and when there are material developments and as appropriate.

Atlan shares were last traded at RM2.99, giving the group a market capitalisation of RM758.41 million. — TMR / pic source: