RTB project: RM1.8b can be saved through selective tendering – PM Anwar

A selective tendering process will enable the government to save RM1.8 billion in the flood mitigation (RTB) project, according to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar, who is also Finance Minister, said the RM15 billion allocated for the RTB project through direct negotiation without a tender process has caused the overall cost of the project to soar.

Hence, Anwar said the Ministry of Finance has been asked to renegotiate with the companies involved through selective tendering.

“Imagine the RM1.8 billion that can be saved from the RM15 billion project. This is a matter of governance, leaders must ensure that there are no leakages. It’s not politics, it’s about the people. Imagine what RM1.8 billion can make if it is returned to the hawkers. Just imagine!” he said at the National Hawkers and Petty Traders Day Convention 2022 here today.

Anwar said the issues of governance and accountability in financial management need to be prioritised in government administration and people’s projects.

On Dec 6, Anwar ordered a review of RM7 billion worth of approvals under the RM15 billion RTB project that were conducted through direct negotiation instead of a tender process. — BERNAMA