Friday Jottings: The curse of endless possibilities

ACTUALLY, there’s not much to anticipate in the vote of confidence sought by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim next Monday.

Given that the various coalitions has signed agreements pledging their support, he should be able to even secure the two-thirds majority which had eluded all PMs since 2008.

Whether such empowering majority is a boon to the nation or otherwise, not many will be able to predict. However, going by previous narratives of the Opposition, predecessors of Pakatan Harapan, the DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat itself, such dominance is a bane.

Yet again, such concepts have probably left the senses of the present Government which were then Opposition and such volte-face is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception.

They are of no consequence as the ultimate concern is about ensuring Anwar remains PM and PH is part of the government.

The repeated mantra is that it is a unity government as willed by the King and anyone questioning it is tantamount to being treasonous.

Such is the need to justify the unholy alliance that an ardent supporter of PH argued that collaborations between political enemies were commonplace as are fallouts between allies.

In fact, he argued that the previous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad-led PH was an unprecedented alliance between him and his most strident political enemies.

He pointed out that the kind of vitriol directed at Dr Mahathir by his allies in the PH were of equal venom as those directed by the present-day PH at its current bedfellows Umno and its president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

For that matter, so were all other political alliances in the past – DAP, PKR and PAS under the Pakatan Rakyat banner or the DAP and Semangat 46 under the Gagasan Rakyat. 

But he and others in PH who are bending backwards to justify the new PH-Umno alliance missed one key and crucial point – the alliance formed by Dr Mahathir and PH, as were that of PR and Gagasan, they were all formed before polls while that between Anwar-led PH and Zahid-led Umno is post-election.

Simply put, voters had the choice of whether they agree to the Dr Mahathir and PH collaboration or otherwise.

However, in the case of Anwar and Zahid or PH and Umno, the voters did not vote for them, at least as a union. They were in a face off, no middle ground nor compromise in so far as their voters are concerned.

In fact, it is very safe to assume that the majority of voters who voted for PH did it because they wanted to make sure Zahid and Umno did not get anywhere near the corridors of power let alone sit on the throne or even on the side.

For PH, it is no to the kleptocrats, no Zahid, no penyamun and perasuah (robber and corruptor) or the court cluster.

In turn, to the voters of Umno/Barisan Nasional, it was simply no Anwar and no DAP.

While it is convenient for PH supporters to defend their position that it was a union formed out of necessity and that it was a King-endorsed unity government which is in fact a misnomer.

But it is understandable for the PH leaders and supporters to grab at anything to justify the union as it is the only way for Anwar and PH to lead the nation, something which was only “cleanly” achieved when Dr Mahathir was leading them.

Since they were bent to bury Dr Mahathir’s legacy, whatever means to be the government is justifiable, even it means falling off their moral perch.

And now, since the biggest beneficiary of the polls is PAS, fear of the green tide is a new justification to the unholy union, regardless how Orwellian it is.

There are a few pressing questions that they need to answer, whilst busy bandying the fear of the rise of the green tide, is that how does the rest of the nation, which are still convinced by PH’s pre-election narratives that Zahid and several of his Umno/BN colleagues are corrupt and detrimental to the nation’s progress?

Are they to keep their peace so as not to cause jeopardise Anwar’s position?

Should they stop calling Zahid and his ilk penyamun for fear that he’ll pull the rug from under Anwar’s feet?

Or will they be censured for not moving on and continue to re-visit the history of the scandal-plagued multi-billion-dollar Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) despite being suggested otherwise by newly-minted Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan.

And is the head of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Tan Sri Azam Baki, previously much maligned, is now cleansed, after Economic Minister Rafizi Ramli’s declaration that his promise of going after the former were mere political sound-bytes.

With that and the new fear of PAS, could it be taken that combatting corruption, abuse of power and kleptocracy becomes secondary concern or of no concern at all.

It does stand to reason since the very person whom they had singled out as the very symbol of all these now occupies the upper echelon of power with even the possibility going to the very top. Indeed, the possibilities seem to be endless.

Whilst love for greenbacks and power fuels the fear of the green tide.

Shamsul Akmar is an editor at The Malaysian Reserve.