The HP 245 G8 is well suited for office and Internet usage

The laptop records good performance and comes at an affordable price 


THE HP 245 G8 is a simple home laptop with a 14-inch form factor. Today’s unit is the physically identical sister model of the 255 G8, which I have seen before. 

In this case, my HP 245 G8 test device is powered by an AMD RyzenTM 3 3300U CPU and starts from around RM1,899. Its competitors include devices such as the Acer Extensa 15 or the Lenovo Ideapad 3 15ALC6. 

HP uses a slim, grey chassis with roughened plastic surfaces. There are no deficiencies in terms of the build quality. 

However, there is room for improvement regarding the rigidity and robustness: The base unit and the lid are overly susceptible to twisting from the corners and the chassis yields under pressure. 

The battery is fixed. The components are accessible after removing the bottom plate. 

Although the HP system comes with three USB-A ports (2x USB 3), there is also USB type-C port. It is possible to connect an external monitor via HDMI. 

Even though the recorded WiFi transfer speeds are more than acceptable under ideal conditions, they are slow compared to more modern solutions. The reason is not hard to identify: The installed WiFi module (Realtek 8821CE) only supports transfer rates of up to 433Mb/s. 

The non-backlit chiclet keyboard’s flat, roughened keys provide shallow travel and a distinct actuation point. While the feedback is generally positive, it could have been a little sharper. 

While typing, the keyboard slightly yields — this effect is more noticeable in the centre than near the edges — but HP has delivered a keyboard that is suitable for everyday use. 

A multitouch pad with a smooth surface and good gliding properties serves as the mouse replacement. It responds to inputs all the way into the corners. The pad offers shallow travel and a distinct actuation point. 

While the contrast of the matte 14-inch display (1366 x 768 pixels) is still okay, the brightness is too low. Yes, I know the price range is making it hard to provide the best screen and the user must bear the compromises for the affordable price that they pay. 

But, kudos to the IPS panel which provides good viewing angles and can be read from any 

position. The screen content also remains discernible outdoors, provided the sun does not shine too brightly. 

I’m interested to talk about the performance. The RyzenTM 3 3300U is one of AMD’s entry-level-low-power laptop processors. It was released in 2019 with four cores and four threads. 

With base clock at 2.1GHz, max speed at 3.5GHz and a 15W power rating, the RyzenTM 3 3300U is based on the Picasso 12nm family and is part of the Ryzen 3 series. 

RyzenTM 3 3300U is also the successor of AMD’s last-gen RyzenTM 3 2300U processor that was based on the Zen and 14nm process and was released in 2018. 

AMD RyzenTM 3 5th Generation, and the Zen+ architecture itself, is notable because it leads 12nm processors to the mainstream for the first time. But, there’s a lot more going on under the hood than just a smaller manufacturing node. 

Sure, it might have stuck with the 4-core, 4-thread setup, which it inherited from its predecessor, the RyzenTM 3 2300U. However, with the new 12nm manufacturing process, it delivers a far better performance at lower power consumption. 

With a RyzenTM 3 3300 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 256-GB NVMe SSD, the HP 245 G8 is well suited to office and Internet use. The laptop exhibits low noise levels and moderate temperatures. Configurations start around RM1,800 to RM2,200. 

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Users should not expect record performance levels and the battery lasts for 5.5 hours during WiFi use, which is not competitive by modern standards. 

Review Rating: 3/5.

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition