MBSB BANK is back with another CASA-i campaign – prizes worth RM2.4 million to be won


MBSB Bank’s ‘Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya 2.0’ (SBMB 2.0) CASA-i Campaign returns for the second year with more exciting prizes to be won from Sept 1 to May 31, 2023.

SBMB 2.0 offers a cumulative prize pool of RM2.4 million to be won.  The campaign is open to new or existing customers of MBSB Bank aged 18 years and above.

For joint account holders, individuals below 18 are subjected to the account being operated by a trustee (parent or legal guardians); and Malaysian citizens and permanent residents under Trustee Account.

What is unique about SBMB 2.0 is that it provides various prize categories suitable for many different age groups including the ‘Youngsters’ category where prizes are suitable to their lifestyle, as well as the ‘Ladies’ category and more.

While experiencing the thrill of winning prizes, SBMB 2.0 emphasises the need of saving. 

Furthermore, it encourages new-to-bank consumers to open an account with MBSB Bank, while the existing customers can increase their deposit to boost the chances of winning.  

The positive response received from the previous SBMB 1.0 campaign showed that Islamic Banking products and services are attractive for everyone, which is also consistent with the bank’s public alternative for a full-fledged Islamic Bank products offering.

Individual customers who are MBSB Bank’s Current or Savings Account-i holder, with a minimum deposit of RM100, stand a chance to participate in these categories.

SBMB 2.0 offers a variety of lucrative campaign prizes, including up to 27 units of iPhone 14 for the monthly draw; 162 units of RM500 cash prize for the loyalty draw; RM500 cash prize for 162 winners of the new saver draw; RM500 e-Wallet cash prize for 90 winners of the digital draw; and RM3,000 cash prize for 162 winners of the regional high savers draws.

For the special draw, SBMB 2.0 will give away nine units of Xbox 360 or Sony PS 5, nine units of folding bicycles and RM1,000 cash prize for ‘Youngsters’ category (18 and under). 

Meanwhile, for the new entry 19-35 category, winners will take home SYM Jet X 150 Scooter, Asus gaming laptops and Go Pro 10 Black or Insta 360.

In addition, there will be Europe or Umrah trips for nine lucky winners, and Thermomix, 10 Grams Gold Nugget for the ‘Ladies’ category (25-55); as well as Europe or Umrah trips, OSIM massage chairs, and Petronas gift cards for the over-55 years old ‘Senior’ category.

The most anticipated grand draw prizes for SBMB 2.0 include a Mercedes-Benz A 200, a Mercedes-Benz C 200, and a Mercedes-Benz GLC GLC300e Coupe.

MBSB Bank has provided a draw date schedule to help account holders keep track of draw dates for lucky winners.

More information at www.mbsbbank.com/promotions/sbmb-2-casa-i-campaign.