Some 46% Malaysians don’t mind sharing who they voted for


ALMOST half of Malaysians (46%) are open to sharing who they voted for among their circle in the recently the 15th General Elections.

According to a survey conducted by YouGov, older voters aged 50 and above do not have any issues sharing who they voted with their friends and family (55%), whereas only one in six prefer not to (16%).

Although only one in five citizens (23%) would avoid people with different ideologies, young voters and those in urban ridings were most likely to avoid people with different ideologies (25%) and it is the highest among rural voters (27%).

“Results among the younger demographics were comparable, with just over two in five taking issue with speaking about their vote with those in their circle (41% for 18-34; 44% for 35-49).

“In comparing between urban and rural electorates, the former was more likely to express an openness to discussing their vote with friends and family (51% for urban, 42% for rural),” it said in a statement.

A total of 2,687 Malaysians were interviewed by YouGov during the period between Nov 8 and 14 for its survey.