Landslide: Jalan Mantin-Seremban temporarily closed

SEREMBAN – Landslide and fallen trees on Jalan Mantin Batu 8 has resulted in Jalan Mantin-Seremban being temporarily closed in both directions for cleaning works and tree cutting.

Mantin Fire and Rescue station chief Priscilla Carol Thomas said the station received a call at 1.06 this morning, and eight firefighters rushed to the scene.

“No casualties were reported and it only caused the main route to be cut off, which is for both Mantin and Seremban directions passing through Bukit Mantin,” she told Bernama.

She said firefighters also continued to monitor any movement of the ground, which could lead to another landslide.

She added that the local authorities also went to the scene to help clear collapsed soil and rocks, and local residents were advised to be extra vigilant in the area. – Bernama / pic credit: Bomba