GE15: EC issues voting guidelines

KUALA LUMPUR – The Election Commission (EC) has issued 10-step voting guidelines for the reference of more than 21 million registered voters who will fulfil their responsibilities in the 15th General Election (GE15) this Saturday.

The ‘10 Langkah Pengundian’ (10-Step Voting Guidelines), which outline 10 key steps that must be adhered to by voters when casting their ballots on polling day, are published on the EC’s official Facebook page.

According to the guidelines, once the voter is allowed to enter (by the policeman at the entrance to the polling station) he or she must hand over their identity card (MyKad) or identity document to the first polling clerk, and show both hands for inspection.

The first polling clerk will then hand over the document to the second polling clerk for verification and the voter must ensure that the ID number and name called by the first polling clerk are correct.

The voter then dips the index finger of the left hand into the indelible ink bottle, and the first polling clerk will mark the voter’s name in the voters’ list.

The voter will then be given a ballot paper (or papers) by the third polling clerk and will have to move to the polling station chief’s desk to leave his or her mobile phone, to be collected later after completing the voting process.

If voting in Perlis, Perak, and Pahang, the voter will receive two ballot papers, one to vote for a Member of Parliament (MP) and another for the state assemblyman.

All these processes will be carried out in the presence of polling station staff on duty.

The voter can then walk to an individual booth to mark the ballot paper(s) while maintaining confidentiality.

Each voter marks an “X” on each ballot paper for the candidate of his or her choice using a pen, and then inserts the ballot paper(s) into the correct ballot box.

After casting their votes, the voter will go back to the polling station chief’s desk to collect one’s mobile phone on the way out of the polling centre.

Previously, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced that the voting guides for voters who tested positive for COVID-19 will be sent via short message service (SMS), along with related links. – Bernama