Trump wins dismissal of niece Mary’s 2020 fraud lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump won dismissal of a lawsuit filed by his niece, Mary, who accused him and his siblings of defrauding her of her share of the family fortune.

New York Supreme Court Justice Robert Reed on Monday ruled that Mary Trump waived her right to sue her uncle and aunt, former federal judge Maryanne Trump, in a 2001 settlement.

Mary Trump had accused Donald Trump and his siblings of lying to her about the value of her inheritance. She also accused her aunt and uncles of failing to follow through on a pledge to “watch over her interests as fiduciaries” after she inherited minority interests in the family business following the death of her father Fred Trump Jr., the former president’s older brother.

Reed said the settlement released the defendants, which also included Donald Trump’s younger brother, Robert, who died in 2020, from “all actions” and “causes of action” which Mary Trump could file, Reed said in the ruling.

Mary Trump’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The dismissal removes one legal threat to Donald Trump hours before he’s expected to announce a third run for the White House, though a wide variety of others remain. He also has his own suit against his niece for cooperating with a New York Times report on his taxes.

Mary Trump has become a fierce critic of her uncle and wrote a tell-all book depicting him as a liar and narcissist who was coddled by an overbearing father. – BLOOMBERG