Number of flood evacuees surges as three more districts hit by floods in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU – Three more districts namely Tenom, Keningau, and Sipitang were hit by floods in Sabah this afternoon, apart from Kunak and Penampang, causing the number of flood victims in the state to increase to 724 victims, involving 201 families, compared to 75 people (14 families) this morning.

The Secretariat of the Sabah Disaster Management Committee, in a statement, said that seven more relief centres (PPS) were opened to accommodate the flood victims in the affected districts, comprising three in Tenom and two each in Keningau and Sipitang.

Two PPS have been opened, one each in Kunak and Penampang, earlier.

It said a total of 298 victims (80 families) were evacuated in Tenom, with  259 of them, involving 71 families being given shelter at the PPS at Rumah Kebudayaan Makakagas and at  Rumah Kebudayaan Gunting (10 victims from two families).

According to the statement, in Keningau, 296 victims from 87 families were evacuated, with199 victims (40 families) to the PPS at Dewan Gereja Kampung Senangang and the remaining (97 victims from 47 families) to the PPS at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pekan Keningau 2.

In Sipitang, a total of 55 flood victims involving 20 families were evacuated to the PPS at Dewan Mini Mesapol (47 victims from 18 families) and at the PPS at Dewan Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Cina Chung Hwa Mesapol (eight victims from two families).

According to the statement, the PPS at Dewan Kampung Airport Tun Fuad PPS in Kunak, which was opened yesterday, still houses  66 victims from 13 families, while the PPS at Kelab Kompleks Sukan Penampang, which opened early this morning, accommodates a family of nine people.

Meanwhile, the Dainage and Irrigation Department,  on its website,  said that the water in Pegalan River in Ansip, Keningau, exceeded the danger level this morning, but subsided to normal this afternoon, while at the Padas River in Tenom, the water rose to the warning level of 176.91 metres (m) compared to 157.57m in the morning.

The Sabah Public Works Department, in a statement, stated that Jalan Amboi 1 in Tenom is closed due to damage caused by flash floods and advised the public to an alternative route on Jalan Tenom-Kuala Tomani.

He said the Beaufort Road in Menumbok , which is under flood water due to the overflowing water from Sungai Padas, is closed to light vehicles. Residents are advised to use alternative routes on Jalan Limbawang Bypass. — BERNAMA