Ubase Asia aims to be top 3 BPO provider in Malaysia by 2025

UBASE Asia, a South Korea-based business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that recently opened its Malaysian branch, aimed to be among the top three players in the local market by 2025.

CEO Song Kheehong said Ubase wants to serve clients who believe that customer service is one of the key components for their growth.

“Leading companies care about the quality of client service and customer service and customer satisfaction. These companies are willing to invest their time, energy, and money to improve this aspect of the business.

“Some companies have up to 14 contact centres across the globe, and Ubase is consistently ranked No 1 in terms of meeting their requirements,” he told Bernama after the launch of the company’s office in Kuala Lumpur recently.

On the launch of the new office, he said the expansion not only allows for more cost-effective solutions but also imparts Ubase experience of providing top-notch BPO services to companies regionally.

Having already cemented its foothold in the Korean market, Song said Ubase is looking to tap into the budding South-East Asian region.

“Ubase’s entrance into Malaysia provides a better cost-to-performance ratio to business owners, thereby making the service more worthwhile, which will lead to better support for customers and clients,” he said.

Song added that through automation with the support of artificial intelligence-based technology, productivity would also increase, making BPO services not just a beneficial add-on but a crucial aspect of the business.

He said Malaysia is constantly growing, with constructions and developments happening at any given moment, and for Ubase’s industry, the country is considered a very vital and strategic location.

“Ubase aspires to be one of the leading BPO companies in South-East Asia by having more than 2,000 seats by the end of 2024. It will contribute to the overall growth of the company, which currently has 12,000 seats and is the BPO leader in South Korea,” he said.

According to Song, Ubase will focus on three main industries: Retail, financial services (insurance and credit card companies), and platform companies (social media platforms, data platforms and delivery platforms).

He said there are about 200 combined clients across Ubase Korea and Ubase Asia.

“By analysing and consolidating the number of calls and inquiries, Ubase is able to identify the growth, customer interest and trends of their clients. This information can be provided as meaningful marketing insights and can be used to enrich their client’s offerings,” he added. — Bernama / pic TMR File