GE15 should not have major impact on supply chain, production, analyst says

Local firms will still be able to produce and export

THE 15th General Election (GE15) will not have a big impact in terms of disruption to the supply chain and production, said an analyst. 

Crisis management analyst Nordin Abdullah said in terms of the ability to continue to produce, Malaysian companies should still be able to produce and export.

“The chief secretary to the government has put out his statement that we are able to manage the country — we saw that during GE14 and the country was still operating pretty much as per normal.

“In terms of disruption to supply chains and production, the election should not have that big of an impact.

“So, in terms of corporate numbers, Malaysian public listed company should still be able to produce and should still be able to export,” he said during The Brief programme on Bernama TV today. 

The date of GE15 is important as it will determine how long the economic uncertainty plays out in the market, he added.

“The reality is that much of Malaysia’s economy is export driven and linked to the global economy. So, there will be a lot more concerns in terms of external factors at this stage,” he said.

Nordin added that investors will be looking out for which party is best suited to manage the Malaysian economy.

“What Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar was speaking about in terms of Budget 2023, for me, I see it as a kind of pre-manifesto of what Barisan Nasional is going to be putting out there in terms of how they want to manage the economy, what the future looks like after that.

“I think that’s really what we’re looking at, that we have got to see what the parties will put out there in terms of their manifestos to be able to really comment in a more meaningful way,” he added. — Bernama / pic TMR File