Licence to bill: Bond’s Aston Martin sells for nearly RM15m

A REPLICA of an Aston Martin DB5 used for the stunts in James Bond blockbuster “No Time to Die” sold for nearly £3 million (RM15 million) at auction on Wednesday, auction house Christie’s said. 

Proceeds from the sale, which fetched £2.92 million, will be donated to charity, along with receipts from the sale of 24 other lots auctioned at a special sale of items marking 60 years of 007. 

The replica comes fitted with imitation machine guns behind the headlights. 

A further 35 lots have been put up for auction online until Oct 5. 

The replica of the iconic Aston, one of eight specially designed and manufactured for the 2021 film, is the only DB5 stunt car put up for sale by Aston Martin and EON productions, according to Christie’s. 

Other items on sale include cars as well as notable costumes and accessories linked to the franchise. — AFP 

  • This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition