We’re Back! 

Our weekly print edition aims to provide a global understanding of current happenings that impact our everyday lives

TMR Media Sdn Bhd will be publishing the print edition of The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) once every week starting today. 

The move is part of the company’s business plan to continue to service the niche newsprint market that remains an essential part of the country’s news and media landscape.

The temporary halt of the print edition of TMR a few months ago allowed the company to re-evalu­ate its position in the market, and deliver a product that could fill the gap and needs of our esteemed readers.

While the digital era has trans­formed how news is consumed, the print edition continues to be available around the world. In the US, the daily circulation of major newspapers remained at about 3.5 million copies. 

Combined with digital subscriptions, news organisations in the US enjoy a paid subscrip­tion footprint of 25 million. In the UK, one million newspapers are still circulated daily. 

Main news organisations in the UK are putting paywalls to miti­gate the drop in their print and advertising revenue. In Malaysia, the media industry faces similar predicaments, maybe worse than our counterparts in Europe or America. 

Despite an estimated advertis­ing spending of RM2.4 billion, a huge portion ends up in the coffers of tech platforms which do not curate any content. 

News has become a commodity and not intellectually-crafted pride. Aggregators flourish on other people’s content, while originators face the challenge of increasing the traffic at their sites. 

Paywalls are as alien as a RM5 durian.

Nevertheless, the news indus­try remains a vital DNA of any country, irrespective of its state of being. 

The print edition of TMR will continue to highlight the perspec­tive of the country’s economy, progresses and declines of busi­nesses, and the state of the nation during a bull run or tapering economy.

Businesses and the economy are the pillars of any country and TMR will continue to resonate these realities for our readers. Supported by articles sourced and licensed from Financial Times and Bloomberg, the weekly newspaper will provide a global understanding of the current happenings that will impact our everyday lives.

I hope our past readers and subscribers will continue to support our latest print proposi­tion and gain invaluable insights into the world of finance, business and economy. Happy reading!

Mohd Azlan Jaafar is the Group Editor and Managing Director at TMR Media Sdn Bhd.

This article first appeared in The Malaysian Reserve weekly print edition