Pertama Digital’s China-based foreign directors resign


PERTAMA Digital Bhd has announced the resignation of their China-based foreign directors, Pan Ding and Pan Dong from the board of directors effective Sept 22, 2022.

The group confirmed that the two did not have any disagreements with its board of directors and that it had no further matters to bring to the attention of its shareholders.

In August 2022, Pertama Digital received a vote of support from its shareholders to settle its entire equity interest in its China-based textile subsidiary, BeTop Group Ltd at a price of RM70 million.

At the same time, the group is moving forward as a fully local majority-owned and operated listing on Bursa Malaysia as the plans are underway to strengthen the composition of the board of directors for Pertama Digital to become a pure digital services player.

The group’s new corporate plan is to reclassify itself as a digital and Shariah-compliant business to attract new business opportunities from local and international business partners.

Pertama Digital strategy director Saify Akhtar said the group will continue to deliver fast, lean, and necessary digital solutions and services on a pay-for-performance revenue model with local agencies and companies and replicate this in emerging markets such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Nigeria.

“We remain committed and focused on building a new Pertama Digital, strengthened with strong corporate features and equipped with key operational strengths in delivering the promise to change the approach by government agencies and companies in delivering important digital solutions to the public,” he said in a statement today.

The group recently appointed Datuk Seri Dr Nik Norzrul Thani as director and board member. He is currently the chairman and senior partner of the Zaid Ibrahim & Co law firm.

The active hunt for acquisition targets in the government’s technology sector continues to be a key interest as the group makes progress in forming Malaysia’s first “neobank” in collaboration with incumbent banks.

Pertama yesterday launched a Peaceful Protection awareness campaign to increase the bottom 40% group’s subscription to the protection scheme as part of their focus on delivering digital solutions.

The application to the protection scheme uses the group’s MyPay application as it remains committed to promoting digital inclusion for underserved segments of society.