Sarawak Forestry Corp detects illegal activities with Huawei technology

The tech which uses Huawei’s cloud and AI technologies enable the corporation to detect the sounds of illegal logging in real time


SARAWAK Forestry Corp (SFC) has detected 66 sounds, out of which 34 had raised alarms via the Forest Guardian Project in collaboration with Huawei Malaysia.

Some of the sounds, which were of among others chainsaw and motorcycle, were found to be from encroachment as well as poaching activities.

SFC head of enforcement and protection Madhan Kifile said since the pilot project kicked off at the Similajau National Park last year, it has collected a total of RM105,500 in compound.

He said using Huawei’s technology for a sustainable future, SFC is able to detect the time and duration of each incident.

This was especially urgent when the country was under the Movement Control Order (MCO) due to the pandemic and illegal loggers had remained active throughout the duration.

Under the Forest Guardian Project, a tech-powered solution was developed to provide online training to Sarawak’s local rangers.

As travelling was not allowed during the MCO, this solution enabled communication through the Rainforest Listening Terminal.

The project uses solar-powered devices in conjunction with Huawei’s cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to detect the sounds of illegal logging including chainsaws and vehicles in real time. 

“This passive type of protection allows for continuous monitoring with minimal manpower, low operational cost and non-invasive survey method.

“We believe that this technology can be used to assist SFC in safeguarding other totally protected areas (TPAs), especially the unmanned ones, as well as aid us in our research on wildlife detection,” Madhan said at the Huawei Connect 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, yesterday.

For the latter, researchers and conservationists are able to better understand the behaviour of animals and the sounds of the forest, hence allowing them to develop more effective conservation efforts.

However, he added, there is still room for improvement and adjustment, especially for TPAs with poor connectivity.

“The TPAs in Sarawak are of rough terrains which cause ground limitations such as connectivity and limited range issues,” he said.

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