Report reveals emoji users are happier than ever

Over half of global users have actively increased their emoji use, with nearly all users sending up to 50 emoji in their text or online messaging a day


EMOJI can play a vital role in our daily lives. Emoji users see significant benefits from including emoji in their digital messages, ranging from improved mental health to increased workplace efficiency.

This fun, fast and friendly form of communication has transformed the way global users express themselves and continues to push the boundaries on how emoji users bridge conversations across age, race, culture and beyond.

According to a study by Adobe, over half of global users have actively increased their emoji use over the past 12 months, with nearly all users sending up to 50 emoji in their text or online messaging a day.

The latest data on the role and impact of emoji in digital communication in the Future of Creativity: 2022 Global Emoji Trend Report revealed how emojis are transforming the way the world expresses itself.

“Emoji have become a favourite form of creative self-expression for people everywhere,” said Adobe computer scientist Kamile Demir.

“As the creative industry leader and a member of the Unicode Consortium, we recognise the potential for emoji to promote inclusivity, spark cultural conversations and even positively impact mental health.

“Our findings reveal the importance of emoji across all of our digital conversations,” said Adobe typeface designer and font developer at Paul Hunt.

“As a visual form of communication, emoji help fill the emotional gaps when representing ourselves online and help us communicate our personal identities, thoughts and feelings in ways words often cannot,” he said.

Graphic source: Adobe Report

The Adobe report aims to understand the role and impact of emoji in digital communication. The study examines the importance of emoji across a variety of areas such as self-expression and identity; diversity, equity and inclusion; dating and relationships; workplace communications and more.

The study showed that 92% of global users use emoji to communicate across language barriers, they are also used as a powerful emotional tool. Nearly nine in 10 users deploy emoji to lighten the mood and show support for the person they are communicating with.

Two-thirds of global users lean on emoji use when they have difficulties expressing their emotions in words. Love (73%) and happiness (71%) are the top emotions global emoji users express using emotions.

Overall, female emoji users globally are more likely to express specific emotions with emoji than male users.

The future of emoji is already unfolding in new and creative ways, from purchasing products and making payments to creating exclusive online usernames and websites. Over half of the global emoji users are more willing to buy an item using an emoji.

The majority of global users are open to new ways of using emoji, such as confirming attendance at an event (66%), sending or receiving payments (41%) and communicating with a doctor (39%).