Boustead Properties launches new brand, aims to meet property demand

The company is reinterpreting spaces by striking a balance between function and style so it can turn smart designs into highly liveable properties

by S BIRRUNTHA / pic by TMR

MASTER township builder, Boustead Properties Bhd, has launched its new Mutiara Spaces brand as part of its ongoing reinvention exercise to emerge as a revitalised, technology-centric property developer with sustainability as the key driver.

The brand is expected to meet the demands of the growing property market by reinventing Boustead Properties as a dynamic developer with the help of technology and creative placemaking as it designs and builds spaces for people.

The move is also in line with the overall transformation agenda of parent company Boustead Holdings Bhd’s “Reinventing Boustead” strategy to drive sustainable growth for stakeholders while maximising value for consumers.

Boustead Properties chairman Datuk Seri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly said with a renewed purpose, organisation needs reinvention — an extensive structural reform of the corporate DNA at all levels — that entails looking at everything from many other and different perspectives.

He added that this includes Mutiara Spaces which brings the aspiration that will be transpired in the company, as it reinvents itself to secure its position as one of the notable, award-winning developers in a sector that is highly competitive.

“Today developers, architects, building managers and designers — that’s Boustead Properties — must redefine spaces in order to remain competitive and sustainable. 

“We must learn, understand and innovate in the technology through spaces and consumer behaviour so that we can create favourable conditions that provide people with comfort and flexibility for them to work, live and play,” he said during the launch of the Mutiara Spaces brand in Kuala Lumpur today. 

Meanwhile, Boustead Properties CEO Khairul Azizi Ismail said with Mutiara Spaces, the company is bringing its core values — creativity, integrity and innovation — to life. 

He noted that essentially, the company is reinterpreting spaces by striking a balance between function and style so it can turn smart designs into highly liveable properties. 

He said this is done by understanding and anticipating homeowners’ needs and requirements, which can create more relevant homes that sustain their value over multiple lifetimes.

“To complement this, we see environmental, social and governance (ESG) as being fundamental to how we transform and build properties. 

“More than mere words, our actions demonstrate that we are positively impacting the ESG.

“Through consistent assessment and adjustment, we can make a palpable difference in how we evolve and deliver our products,” he added.

According to Boustead Properties, the Mutiara Spaces logo is a symbol of the company’s revitalised corporate DNA, drawing inspiration from mother nature.

The word “Spaces” stands for the creation of both tangible and intangible dimensions, and emphasise spaciousness and multi-faceted development.

Mutiara Spaces will underpin Boustead Properties’ push for creative placemaking and instils the brand’s core values through its latest project, Mutiara Hills in Semenyih as well as all future projects.