MoF seeking public feedback for Budget 2023 public consultation paper

All feedback for the PCP must be submitted before or by Sept 15


THE Finance Ministry (MoF) is seeking public feedback on a public consultation paper (PCP) for the Budget 2023’s Policy for the Use of Goods, Services and Technology Resulting from Local Research and Development (R&D) in government procurement.

The PCP aims to protect and develop local industry, reduce dependence on imported goods, create business opportunities, increase competitiveness and resilience, as well as to develop the capabilities of local technology companies in addition to supporting the ecosystem of technology transfer, commercialisation and marketing of local R&D results.

“The publication of PCP is part of MoF’s overall effort in making the annual budget preparation process more transparent, beside ensuring the involvement of all parties as a whole.

“The government is confident that the PCP’s publication will provide more opportunities for all stakeholders to give their feedback — enabling the government to formulate an annual budget that accommodates needs of the people, which are in line with the country’s socio-economic development policy,” the ministry said in a statement today.

All feedback for the PCP can be submitted via before or by Sept 15, 2022.