Around 60% Malaysians are buying from local sellers on Shopee

The shoppers are doing so because they are looking for faster delivery time 

by AZALEA AZUAR / pic courtesy of Shopee

A TOTAL of 60% of Malaysians are supporting local entrepreneurs on the Shopee platform, according to a survey conducted by Shopee Malaysia.

The survey, involving a total of 3,356 respondents, was released by the shopping platform in conjunction with the #ShopeeSapotLokal and the 9.9 Super Shopping Day alongside the Merdeka celebration.

The survey indicated that close to half of the shoppers prefer to buy from local sellers as they want their items delivered faster (42%), followed by endorsing the quality of made-in-Malaysia goods that cater to their local preferences (30%), want to keep the economy running for patriotic reasons (20%) while some were sellers supporting other local sellers (8%).

Among these respondents, slightly half of them (54%) are working full time, 18% are in-between jobs, 17% are senior citizens, 6% are stay-at-home parents and 5% are university students.  

Meanwhile, a majority of Malaysians value online shopping as being able to save more than 5% (70%), while buyers are trying to save more in this environment (50%), they do not have enough to cover essentials (14%), some of them have to spend more in the coming months (10%) and they need to provide for multiple dependents (6%).

According to Shopee head of marketing campaigns Kenneth Soh, not all consumers prioritise discounts and vouchers as seven in 10 of them value peace of mind over lower price.

“Although economies have reopened and brick-and-mortar stores are available for shopping, a majority of Malaysians still prefer to shop online because they value having ‘peace of mind’, enjoy the convenience of parcels delivered to their doorstep (40%), feel safe with Shopee Guarantee (17%), and trusting reviews and pictures from other buyers (10%).

“When it comes to the most popular products among buyers, lifestyle products are the preferred choice (49%), followed by living essentials (24%), tech devices (16%), and automobile parts or work and school supplies (11%),” Soh said.

He added that a majority of these local entrepreneurs started selling on Shopee because it is their only source of income (24%), unemployed (5%), to supplement income (18%) and feel the pressures of higher costs of living (24%) while 30% said they became Shopee sellers because of their passion for their business.

Soh then highlighted on a tool called the Affiliate Marketing Solutions that enable sellers to reach more than 13,000 Shopee affiliate partners to gain a wider audience.

At the same time, Soh also felt that the platform helps Malaysians from different parts of the nation to reach a wider range of buyers, especially from areas that have difficulty in terms of visibility.

He explained about a feature in the platform called the “Malaysia Circle” which will forward shoppers to an area which only features local sellers and products.

“What we’re trying to do is to bridge the gap between quality Malaysian products, and the accessibility and visibility that it deserves, you know, these have to do to all the Malaysians across the entire nation, right, so that more people have a chance to purchase them. 

“So, it’s a win-win for the seller to grow their business. It is great for the buyers because they get to access all these hidden gems created and developed and sold by our local sales,” Soh said.