Najib claims he was denied fair trial


SITTING for his final defence today, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak (picture) claimed to his supporters that he has been denied a fair trial and left defenceless.

He added that his application to postponement for three months had also been rejected by the court.

“I had tried my best but unfortunately what I applied in the court has been rejected,” he said to the supporter outside the court.

Speaking to his supporters, he also claimed that he had been left defenceless and not having a lawyer to fully represent him during the whole trial period.

“I am not defeated in this case, but instead left defenceless and denied a fair trial based on the judiciary,” he claimed.

“For my case I only applied once but it was not granted while other cases are granted more than that.”

He thanked his loyal supporters for the unwavering support.