More learning shows for kids on Astro Xiao Tai Yang

ALTHOUGH our transition to the endemic phase has seen schoolchildren returning to the physical classrooms, programmes for them to learn in the comfort of their own home are still being produced for their advancement.

Astro Xiao Tai Yang (CH 304 on Astro) takes kids’ learning to a whole new level with all-new episodes of “QQ’s Maths Fun” and “QQ Learn at Home” Season 3.

In “QQ’s Maths Fun”, kids will learn Maths the fun way as they visit different amusement parks. 

Coco the host, together with her three friends, will guide the kids on a Maths adventure where each round of games is designed to boost children’s critical thinking, adaptability and alertness. 

Imagine you are standing under a big pail of water that is going to fall on you at any minute while doing multiplication and your friends are distracting you, will you be able to solve the Math that is suddenly thrown to you? 

In “QQ Learn at Home” Season 3, children can now learn Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science from the comfort of their own home! 

The lessons are 10 to 12 minutes each and are customised for primary students using creative solutions. 

The teachers will be teaching the students in the form of animation, stories, pictographic and more, so they are able to understand the learnings quickly and clearly.

Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd Chinese Customer Business VP Wong Siah Ping said the programmes are developed together with professional educators in a fun and creative way, so the children can enjoy learning.

“Astro continues to champion education and Astro Xiao Tai Yang channel is committed to create fun and interesting learning programmes for our young audiences.”

Astro Xiao Tai Yang channel is also accessible to primary students in all government schools via the Kampus Astro, an Astro Kasih CSR programme in schools. 

Astro Kasih has provided Astro Set Top Boxes to 10,000 government schools, student hostels, paediatric wards in specialist hospitals and more, with 13 learning channels including Astro Xiao Tai Yang.  

“QQ’s Maths Fun” is on every Tuesday at 9.30am, with repeats at 2pm and 4pm. “QQ Learn at Home” Season 3 is on from Monday to Friday at 8:15am, with repeats at 12pm, 2:30pm and 5:45pm.

Catch these shows on Astro Xiao Tai Yang (CH 304), Astro GO and On Demand. — by TMR / Pic source: Astro