PM tells MACC to expedite LCS probe

Meanwhile, Ismail Sabri hopes more big events, especially international tournaments, to be held in the country


PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob (centre) urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to immediately complete the investigation into the long-running littoral combat ship (LCS) issue.

“We ask MACC to complete the investigation immediately. After completing the investigation, hand it over to the attorney general (AG).

“If there is evidence that there are parties involved, then the AG has to prosecute them in court,” he told the press after the opening ceremony of IFMA Muaythai Youth World Championships Malaysia 2022 at Sunway Lagoon on Wednesday.

“The Cabinet has discussed in detail regarding the LCS issue to be resolved immediately. In terms of LCS ship construction, a decision was taken at the previous Cabinet meeting to continue the project.

“Today’s meeting is more on discussing the issues related to LCS, including in terms of delays in completion. If there are irregularities and so on, no one should be protected,” Ismail Sabri stressed.

According to the PM, the Cabinet is focusing on two matters — auditor-general (A-G) to disclose the investigation report, as well as the classified forensic audit report that has been implemented.

“However, because it involves legislation, we will refer to the A-G (to discuss with him) if we can reveal it because the government is transparent and does not want to protect anything related to LCS from public view, so that the people know what the real issue is,” Ismail Sabri said.

“I assure you that the government will not compromise on issues related to people’s money and we will complete the investigation. Whoever is responsible will be prosecuted — no one will be spared from the actions of the authorities if there is any form of malpractice and so on.

“I believe the investigation has already been carried out, there are several files that have been opened, but let the MACC DG announce in terms of the investigation that has been carried out.”

Meanwhile, the PM expressed hope for more big events, especially international tournaments, to be held in the country after the reopening of its international borders.

“After two years we closed the national borders, there were no large gatherings, many big events were unable to be held — I am very happy today because the opening ceremony of IFMA Muaythai Youth World Championships Malaysia 2022 involves 101 countries participating with more than 3,000 participants.”

“Last week in Melaka, the international silat tournament also involved a large number of participants from many participating countries. I hope more big events for the sport sector, especially involving international championships, can be held in Malaysia,” he said.

Malaysia is once again chosen to host the IFMA Muaythai Youth World Championships Malaysia 2022 — organised by Malaysia Muaythai Association (PMM) and the International Federation of Muaythai Associations. Previously, Malaysia hosted the championship in Langkawi in 2014.

The championship this year is held from Aug 9-21 at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre and involves 3,500 participants from 101 countries globally.

More than 200 categories are being contested for ages ranging from eight to 17. Malaysia is represented by 70 young athletes for both male and female categories.

The national athletes taking part are those who have participated at the highest level including the world tournament, SEA Games and Malaysian Games.

PMM secretary general Dr John Mohd Abdul Rahim said the Youth World Championships is one of the platforms for national young athletes to polish their talent in order to compete at international level.

“I don’t dare to guarantee the target, but our athletes really work hard and train as hard as they can. In Langkawi previously, we were the host for World Championships (Adult), this is the first time we host for Youth World Championships.

“As hosts, we have the advantage in terms of fan support so we hope that the national contingent will be able to win medals.”

This year’s Youth World Championships include all weight categories of the Youth Divisions in the combat discipline, as well as both individual and mixed team events for the Wai Kru and Mai Muay Disciplines.