AirAsia offers permanent employment to gig workers

The move is part of AirAsia’s commitment in creating a better working environment and job stability


ALL AirAsia food and AirAsia xpress riders will be employed as full-time staff, effective immediately.

With a guaranteed monthly income of up to RM3,000, this move is part of AirAsia’s commitment in creating a better working environment and job stability.

The employees will enjoy a full suite of benefits which include Employees Provident Fund, Social Security Organisation, medical coverage which includes their spouses and children, as well as annual leave and travel benefits such as 90% industry discount on AirAsia flights and e-coupon schemes.

Additionally, AirAsia riders will receive exclusive training as well as free personal accident coverage. 

Riders can also earn extra incentives based on their performance.

The move is part of AirAsia’s wider strategy to create more sustainable jobs through its various businesses, including the AirAsia Super App.

Capital A Bhd CEO Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes said the move is part of an ongoing effort to ensure all gig workers who contribute valuable skills and knowledge are recognised and rewarded fairly. 

He added that it was not only important to recognise the work that these individuals do, but also to give them greater security and an opportunity to grow within the organisation.

He further explained that the company did not believe in contract staff and instead preferred to hire full-time employees, with the aim of providing more job stability and opportunities for growth.

Furthermore, he said AirAsia recognised that some of its riders may want to progress to different roles in the future, so it ensured that there were opportunities for riders to learn new skills and advance their careers.

“The most important reason is that we want to look after the riders the same way we look after the cabin crew. 

“Giving full-time employment to our gig riders is more than just offering them Allstar benefits, it is about adding value to their lives and career paths, allowing them to dream and making those dreams come true,” Fernandes said at the AirAsia Super App media roundtable yesterday.

He added that by being full-time employees, the riders are part of the larger Capital A’s ecosystem, where they will have opportunities to explore and develop their careers further. 

“From a delivery rider, they can become a cabin crew, a pilot, a data analyst, a digital marketer or part of the corporate office. The possibilities are endless,” he said.

AirAsia food is currently serving customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, and the delivery service by AirAsia xpress is currently available in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.