Time for Nauraj to return to train in Malaysia?

BIRMINGHAM – Following the lack of encouraging performance of national high jump ace Nauraj Singh Randhawa (picture) of late, perhaps it is time for him to return to Malaysia for training if he wants to get back to his true level.

Nauraj underwent training in Germany before coming to the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

The manager of the national athletics team at the Birmingham Games, M Iyaru personally thinks that Nauraj has proven that he shines better if he undergoes a programme under the management of the National Sports Council (MSN) compared to his own training in Germany at this time.

He said Nauraj’s performance under MSN’s training was very impressive, including breaking the national record of 2.3m at the Singapore Open Athletics Championship in 2017.

Iyaru also understands that Nauraj did not send a report to the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) about his latest performance in Germany.

“I don’t know what is going on with him in Germany, there should be nothing to hide from him,” he told reporters when met after the final of the high jump event at the Alexander Stadium here last night.

Nauraj displayed a disappointing performance when he became the first athlete to be eliminated from the 13 contestants who competed in the final, thus occupying the lowest ranking with his best and also his first jump at 2.05m.

He was eliminated after failing in all three attempts to clear the second jump of 2.1m.

Nauraj, when met by reporters afterwards, revealed that he suffered a heel injury that affected his performance in his third appearance at the prestigious Games after Glasgow 2014 and Gold Coast 2018.

More surprisingly, Iyaru said Nauraj, who was seen eager to erase his national record here, did not inform the status of the injury before going down to compete.

Thus, Iyaru, who could not hide his disappointment with Nauraj’s performance, wanted the athlete to be honest after this.

“You failed like this, it is disappointing, you must understand we have to explain to the whole country (on Nauraj’s performance in Birmingham),” he added.

Meanwhile, Iyaru also suggested that the MAF needs to sit down and discuss with the 30-year-old athlete to delve into the problems faced by him and his future in this sport, more so after he failed to prove his true level of ability, including just winning silver at the recent 2021 SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam, thus ending Malaysia’s dominance in the event in the biennial Games since the 2005 Manila edition. – Bernama