Medac remains committed to strengthen small traders’ digitalisation journey

The ministry introduces MyMall and Warongku2.0 digital platforms to ensure that SMEs including micro and informal entrepreneurs keep up with digital technology in their business affairs


THE Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (Medac) will continue to empower small traders and hawkers with a structured digitalisation programme and platform.

“We will continue to empower the small business and train them to operate online and be more competitive with other bigger e-commerce merchants,” Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar (picture) said during the launch of the Pemantapan Penjaja Dan Peniaga Kecil Tahun 2022 programme at Shah Alam in Selangor today.

Noh added that Medac has introduced several initiatives to ensure that SMEs including micro and informal entrepreneurs keep up with digital technology in their business affairs.

Among the initiatives are MyMall and Warongku2.0 digital platforms.

According to him, a total of 7,513 merchants have registered and sold their products on the Warongku2.0 platform.

“Even though we know that the merchants are competing with businesses from bigger e-commerce platforms such as Shopee or Lazada, the mission is to take the first step and make progress.

“It would happen when more businesses joined and, most importantly, we wanted to make this platform available and inexpensive to the local business community.

“This will increase digital literacy among traders and ultimately improve the quality of life of the trader community in every aspect,” he added.

Noh also noted that Medac is currently revising the Small Hawkers and Traders Development Plan (P3PK) as a reference and guide to the development of micro-entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Upon implementation, P3PK is expected to benefit nearly 1.2 million hawkers and small traders and increase the country’s GDP from that segment to 45% by 2025.

In addition, Noh said, the business owners who have joined training or courses under its agency, KUSKOP, will be prioritised in terms of fast-tracking their business journey.

“The relevant parties have been informed to remove complexities and facilitate a smooth process, especially in terms of financial assistance for them,” he added.

Not only that, in the upcoming budget we will propose the government create a specific scheme targeted at small businesses to go digital.

“The implementation and activities will be run stages. In the future, we will enhance the public and private partnership as well including with the internet providers,” he said.