Friday Jottings: It’s a frog eat frog world

pic by TMR FILE

IT WAS indeed a historic day when Parliament secured the votes of all 209 MPs who were present for the anti-hopping law.

It was, by any means, an attempt to redeem a badly discredited Parliament and Government that despite there being aspects of the Bill which are questionable and disputable, no one will outrightly oppose it.

The spirit of the whole exercise was simple — it’s best to start somewhere as a commitment to put a stop to something so offensive, than bicker and wait for a near-perfect one which may take forever.

Which MP, in his right mind, would have dared to oppose the Bill lest risk being labelled pro hoppers and be reminded that he was once a frog, or a frog lover, or both.

Hypocritical as it may be, it would still be fine as it can be taken positively as a case of seeking redemption, being remorseful or even a sudden sense of being enlightened.

Not to be ignored are also one set of Opposition MPs who want to take credit to the anti-hopping law being tabled, claiming it was made possible because they had signed the memorandum of understanding with the Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Government.

Obvious to some, but not so to others, the need to make such claims obviously stem from the fact that quite a large segment of their electorate is still viciously opposed to the MoU.

After all, the MoU is with a Government that is a continuity of the Sheraton Move and in fact, a large portion of the Cabinet is residue from the Sheraton Move, the Prime Minister included.

As these MPs attempt to thump their chests of being right in pursuing the MoU, they should probably mute it down several decibels as they had, without doubt, legitimised a Government made up of frogs and frog lovers.

But what is probably disgusting is the attempt to ride the moral high horse and mock party hoppers in particular those involved in the infamous Sheraton Move.

While there should be no love for the backstabbers, frogs and opportunists in the Sheraton Move, the mockers and critics should not be too harsh just because they did not become fully grown frogs and remained tadpoles.

And it is not due to the lack of want but rather missed opportunities.

Surely, the Sept 16, 2008 move is no less evil than that one at the Sheraton. The only difference, one failed and the other succeeded.

And then there are some of the Umno deviants, loudly proclaiming others who had left the party to form new platforms as the original frogs.

Putting aside the fact that they are suspected criminals, the question is, aren’t Umno today part of the Government that is founded by frogs, backstabbers and opportunists?

If Umno/Barisan Nasional did not prop and back the Sheraton Move, would it have been successful?

For that matter, Umno’s “sins” are double fold — firstly they backed the frogs and backstabbers to ensure the Sheraton Move’s success and, secondly, they decided to backstab the frogs and backstabbers and took over the Government.

While the original backstabbers should not be pitied and instead snubbed and demonised as they obviously deserved the “what goes around comes around” dictum, that doesn’t make nor exonerate Umno/BN of being party to the party hopping activities.

Since frogs are forbidden as food for Malays, those in Umno should be able to grasp the concept of morality from the simple analogy that if they sell frog for others to eat, even if they are non Muslims, it is almost as good as if they had themselves eaten the frogs.

Hence the reason why Malays are forbidden to sell pork or other forbidden stuff even if it is to those who are not forbidden to consume them.

Then again, such a concept of morality is probably alien to them and they would never be able to grasp the fact that the root cause to all these problems actually originated from Umno’s inability to dethrone a plundering idiot from the helm.

If they had done so and not wait for the 2018 polls for the citizenry to affect it, there would not have been a Bersatu, or a Pakatan Harapan and by extension no Pejuang nor Perikatan Nasional or the current coalition of frogs which name they seemingly are unable to decide.

But to expect them to have come to their senses and rediscover some sense of morality, is probably something too far-fetched.

Given their new found fervour, zeal and enthusiasm to unashamedly defend leaders tainted with corruption, abuse of power and plunder public funds, actually it is not the frogs that are the biggest threat to the nation’s political wellbeing.

The lovers of the plunderers are.

Shamsul Akmar is the Editor of The Malaysian Reserve.