Auto parts recorded strong sales for Malaysian sellers on eBay in 2021


MALAYSIAN sellers have recorded strong growth on eBay in the Auto Parts and Accessories category — where the sales increased by 29% while Electrical and Ignition parts have grown by 76% last year.

eBay International Cross Border Trade (CBT) Regional GM for South-East Asia and India Vidmay Naini (centre) said Malaysian products are high-quality, durable and affordable for global consumers.

“Auto Parts, Home and Garden, Health and Beauty, Cell Phones and Accessories are the top export categories for Malaysian sellers on eBay, where we have strength in local manufacturing.

“In the Cell Phones and Accessories Category, smartwatches have increased by 24%, headsets (33%) and smartphones (15%); meanwhile in the Collectibles category, Sports Trading Card Singles have increased exponentially at 109%,” he said.

Naini added that Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on eBay export to an average of 30 international destination markets. The top markets include the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, China and Spain.

“Malaysia SMEs account for 97.2% of total business establishments, contributing 38.2%, or more than RM512.8 billion, to the country’s GDP. With the digitisation process, e-commerce is a game that anyone or any business how small or big, can be a part of,” he said further.

eBay has chosen Malaysia to implement the contemporary route, where it lowers entry barriers, expanding reach and scale at a reduced cost, among others, as SMEs in Malaysia can easily reach consumers in some of the world’s largest consumer markets, such as the US, UK, Germany, Australia and become “mini multinational corporations”.

Moreover, eBay is also targeting several sectors for collaboration with the local SMEs — Auto Parts, Home and Garden, Cell Phones and Accessories and Collectibles. The company is also looking to work more with service providers (such as shipping and logistics), and government agencies to make it a sustainable income earner for local SME players.

Creating a better SME ecosystem with Malaysia industry players, Naini highlighted that eBay has a global reach of 142 million active buyers from all over the world.

“This means that we bring global consumers to the doorstep of SMEs. That’s how 81% of eBay-enabled SMEs in Malaysia exported to 10 or more international markets. The ecosystem for CBT includes shipping solutions, payment and marketing tools.

“We have worked with local shipping service providers to develop more shipping solutions for our sellers so that they can easily ship items to their customers around the world.

“Furthermore, we also provide all kinds of marketing tools for sellers to use so that they could market their items to consumers. We have a dedicated local team that will provide advice and support, share category insights and market trends, provide training sessions and tutorials to help sellers build their online business acumen,” he said.

On the expectation for the contemporary route in Malaysia, Naini believes that businesses of all sizes in Malaysia have tremendous potential to expand and grow their business on eBay’s global marketplace with more than 147 million buyers from 190 countries.

“In eBay, we are committed to bringing that potential into play. We have built a dynamic team in South-East Asia to bolster the retail exports ecosystem in the region and support eBay seller growth. There are many small sellers that we watch grow and succeed on eBay and it’s always very rewarding to hear stories of how sellers succeed on eBay; which is a part of eBay’s mission — to create economic opportunities for all,” he added.