AirAsia’s Santan unveils ‘Nasi Lemak On-The-Go’

FAN-FAVOURITE Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak is now available in a new on-the-go packaging dubbed the “Nasi Lemak On-The-Go” from just RM4.90.

AirAsia’s Santan, the world’s first restaurant brand by an airline to offer inflight food on ground and home to “the best nasi lemak in town”, unveiled the on-the-go version of its signature dish to enable customers to have a piping hot meal without the hassle of dining in.

Designed specifically with busy foodies in mind, the pyramid-shaped “Nasi Lemak On-The-Go” comes with the same great taste and a unique new packaging that allows for patrons to have their meals anytime, anywhere with ease and convenience.

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak is well-known throughout Asean, particularly on-board AirAsia flights. This classic dish comprises fragrant coconut-steamed rice, mildly spicy sambal, a boiled egg and crunchy anchovies and peanuts.

Santan now offers variations of the Nasi Lemak, where patrons have the option of pairing their meal with a protein of their choice.

The brand also recently expanded its offerings to include the popular Indonesian dish “Nasi Padang” and Santan’s very own burgers with a local twist.

All these are affordably priced from just RM9.90 a-la-carte, in line with its mission to provide “the best nasi lemak in town” that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

AirAsia’s Santan GM Catherine Goh (picture, second from left) said: “On average, our stores sell about 1,000 Nasi Lemak in a day and we project this to increase fourfold to 4,000 Nasi Lemak daily per store by 2026.

“With a new and improved version of our fan-favourite ‘Ayam Goreng Berempah’ or Spiced Chicken that bodes so well with our Nasi Lemak, we look forward to heightening our competitive edge and strengthening our position in the market as a quick-service-restaurant for the Best Nasi Lemak In Town.”

In conjunction with the launch, up to 12,000 Santan meals are up for grabs thanks to AirAsia Food. Up to a million AirAsia points are also to be given out by AirAsia Rewards — AirAsia members automatically earn double (12 AirAsia points for every RM1 spend) from July 27 to Oct 31, 2022, via the Snap & Earn feature on the AirAsia Super App.

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