MEASAT-3d ready to support Jendela’s full Internet coverage by 2025

The multi-mission satellite has more than 18 years of planned lifetime

by AUFA MARDHIAH /Pic courtesy of MEASAT

MEASAT-3D will be supporting Malaysia’s National Digital Network (Jendela) target to achieve 100% Internet coverage by 2025.

MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn Bhd COO Yau Chyyong Lim made the announcement today following the handover of MEASAT-3d by Airbus Defence and Space after completion of the in-orbit test ahead of time.

“With this, MEASAT-3d is also ready to support our customers’ plans to expand service offerings and improve their experience,” Lim said in a statement today.

The multi-mission satellite has more than 18 years of planned lifetime. 

It carries the C-band and Ku-band payloads for video and direct-to-home services, as well as Ka-band payloads of the type high-throughput multiple spot beam which functions to provide high-speed broadband Internet communication for Malaysia including users in remote areas.

Additionally, the new satellite also provides Q/V band payload, enabling MEASAT to study the effects of propagation in areas that often experience heavy rain such as Malaysia while further helping the process of designing the next generation of satellites.

It also carries a highly innovative payload for KTSAT to be used for the Korea Augmented Satellite System in improving the accuracy and integrity of GPS signals for aircraft to further enhance aircraft flight safety in South Korea.

MEASAT-3d is co-situated with MEASAT-3a and MEASAT-3b at the 91.5°E orbital slot (MEASAT’s key video neighbourhood) — to form one of the region’s most powerful and robust orbital locations with unrivalled in-orbit redundancy and expansion capacity.