KASA to integrate climate change adaptation in flood management


THE Environment and Water Ministry (KASA) will integrate climate change adaptation into flood management in a comprehensive manner.

Its Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said KASA had planned short- and long-term plans focusing on in-depth works, upgrading and overhauling flood management systems throughout the country through the Integrated Flood Management (IFM) approach. 

This would increase the country’s resilience and preparedness to face the impacts of climate change, which would involve both structural and non-structural approaches, as well as the implementation of awareness programmes including communication, education and public awareness.

“The IFM will optimally balance structural and non-structural methods in protecting and reducing the risk of flooding an area.

“Structural methods used include increasing the capacity of main drains and rivers; construction of dams and riverside water reservoirs; and construction of Sabo structures, reservoir ponds, river diversion, flood walls and pumping systems,” he added in Parliament today.

Among the things that will be improved on are the design of the main structure of flood management from 100 years of the Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) to 200 years ARI after considering climate change factors; and the implementation of awareness programmes.

Meanwhile, Tuan Ibrahim explained that the IFM approach will also focus on floodplain management; land use planning; development control and compliance; flood forecasting and warning systems; flood maps; and the implementation of awareness programmes.

“These efforts are being made across various ministries and government agencies, including local authorities, the National Disaster Management Agency, the Public Works Department and the state government,” he said.

He also highlighted that KASA’s efforts are focused on three major areas, namely strengthening the national flood early warning system, enhancing floodplain management and improving flood forecasting and warning systems.