Persona Theory Games launches original music video for ‘Kabaret’

A LOCAL indie games studio, Persona Theory Games, has launched an exclusive music video of “Song of Mothers” for “Kabaret”, a dark fantasy narrative game about Jebat.

The game sees Jebat turned into a monster and thrown into a world filled with characters inspired by South-East Asian folklore and myths. 

Persona Theory Games collaborated with Indonesian ethnic music fusion group SambaSunda on the original song, which combines traditional and modern sounds to create a tone of mystery and horror fantasy.

The performance and musical production of “Song of Mothers” uses traditional Indonesian instruments called the Gamelan and contemporary instruments. 

Buddy Anwardi — “Kabaret” game director and narrative lead, and co-founder of Persona Theory Games — wrote the lyrics for “Song of Mothers”, while SambaSunda leader Hirdzan Maulana R penned the tune.

The vision behind “Song of Mothers” explores the difficult relationship between the protagonist, Jebat, and his mother; his struggles in breaking free from his mother’s expectations; and the dark themes of “Kabaret” as a whole.

“Song of Mothers” was showcased on July 17 in an online music festival “Safe&Sound”, organised by Bedtime Digital Games, which celebrates unique music and audio production in games. 

Funded by WINGS and part of ID@Xbox, “Kabaret” explores dark themes about the lines between humanity, myth and reality.

The demo for “Kabaret” is currently available on Steam. Its full release on Steam, Epic and Xbox consoles will be announced later in the year.

The game was featured on Xbox Games Extended Showcase in the ID@Xbox segment, representing Malaysia among other indie game developers around the world. 

Visit for more details on “Kabaret”. — by TMR / Pic source: Persona Theory Games

“Kabaret” trailer: