MoHR gives green light on Bangladeshi workers recruitment

However, the entry of these workers is subject to safety and health screening


MALAYSIAN employers can now recruit Bangladeshi workers after the issues faced during the application and entry of Bangladeshis to Malaysia have since been resolved, the Human Resources Ministry (MoHR) said.

The ministry said it has begun the process of verification involving 15 companies and more than 2,000 applicants.

In a statement to the media, MoHR stated that this was achieved through the collaboration of the ministry and the Bangladesh High Commission.

“This shows that the technical issues previously faced in the process of hiring Bangladeshi workers to the country have been addressed,” it added.

MoHR reminded employers to ensure all documents are in order before submitting them to the High Commission or the respective company’s HR department.

“For employers who have paid the levy and intend to employ Bangladeshi workers, they can extend the application to the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur to apply for confirmation of employment and documentation such as an employment contract and work order for the employee.”

However, the entry of these Bangladeshi workers is subject to safety and health screening, including compliance with the requirements of the Malaysian Immigration Department.