SME Corporation Malaysia elevates local brands with NMMB


SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia) has been playing a vital part in branding campaigns for local small-medium enterprises (SMEs) via the National Mark of Malaysian Brand (NMMB) Programme since 2009.

From very early on, SME Corp. Malaysia acknowledged that branding is a critical component for a company to create memorable impressions on consumers as well as to allow them to know what to expect with the company’s product or service. 

As Malaysia relies heavily on exports to fuel its economic growth, the government has also engaged in a branding campaign to promote locally made products and services to allow SME reach more international markets.

Since its inception, NMMB has helped 184 companies to be certified and globally accepted in 24 countries.

The CEO of SME Corp. Malaysia, Rizal bin Nainy said the programme is aimed at highlighting the quality, excellence and distinction of Malaysian products and services as well as to dispel the perception that SME products are of lesser quality.

“These companies not only bring with them good, measurable Malaysian-grown brands, but most importantly that their products and services will stand out as they are now being recognised for three main attributes namely quality, excellence, and distinction that have been illustrated with the NMMB certification,” he said in a recent statement.

Chief Executive Officer SME Corp. Malaysia, Rizal Nainy

Acknowledging that some SMEs have had their application rejected for not adhering to terms that have been agreed upon, Rizal said SME Corp. Malaysia has actively embarked on various measures such as outreach sessions and workshops to help SMEs manage their quality as well as branding efforts.

During these sessions, SME Corp. Malaysia educates SMEs on the importance of the global markets, international standards, best practices, as well as financial assistance to ensure that they stay competitive.

“With the sharing of experience of SMEs that benefitted from the NMMB, we hope more will be inspired and join this programme as it will help in creating a strong brand for SMEs, be it locally or abroad,” added Rizal.

Among the brands that have been NMMB-certified include Perniagaan Orang Kampung, Yakin Sedap Sdn Bhd, Hup Sheng Machinery & Industries Sdn Bhd, Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd and Tomei Signature Sdn Bhd.

With NMMB certification, the quality of Hana Medic Sdn. Bhd. products are guaranteed.

To ensure high standards are maintained, the certification programme is also conducted with SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. which audits and monitors all applications. Successful applicants will be allowed to carry the NMMB brand for two years.

The NMMB certification also allows SMEs to gain access to financial incentives, prioritised for trade promotional activities domestically and abroad as well as participating in various courses and workshops by SME Corp. Malaysia.

For 2022, SME Corp. Malaysia and SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. will conduct outreach programmes and workshops focusing on developing and enhancing SMEs which will take them to the global market.

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